Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another Steamy Sunday with Raven McAllan

Good Sunday to you Sweet Bees

How was your Saturday evening? Did you imbibe a bit too much with a vintage friend and now you're feeling a bit cold and shaky wondering why you suggested to your brand new biker friends that Tequila would be the perfect nightcap after a plate of something so greasy you couldn't actually make out what you were devouring?

No? Maybe that was just me. However, whether you are cold and shaky, or warm and snuggling up to your computer with your favourite cuppa, everyone can you always be hotter. And really, is there a better way to heat up your Sunday than having Raven McAllan stop by your blog? She, a most prolific writer, is busy writing naughty tales of lovely ladies going to school to learn how to do...oh...all sorts of interesting things.

Who's turn is it now? Please join me now in welcoming Raven who is here today on Ivy B to give us a peak at Miss Simpkins' School for Seduction - Miranda.

Take it away Raven!

Hi Ivy, a big thank you for letting me pop over today and tell you a little bit about the latest Miss Simpkins' School for Seduction book. Where Seduction's the game and success is the aim

When Miranda first demanded I told her story I never realized it would be so much fun.

As ever I have a heroine with a mind of her own. She knows what she wants and is determined to get it…  

Blurb for Miss Simpkins' School -  Miranda

Lessons learned at Miss Simpkins' School is just the education Miranda needs to learn how to seduce her reluctant Lord. Or is it?

Miranda may be a well brought up lady, but she has needs, and she is determined to go after who she wants.

Enlisting the help of Miss Simpkins and her School for Seduction, she sets out to tempt Felix. Men can be so difficult sometimes, and not see what's right under their nose.

It falls to her to show him that age is just a number. She may be young, but she knows what she wants. And she is determined to get it.

Will Felix be able to resist temptation, or will he finally see sense and claim what's been his all along.

Little does Miranda know what Felix has in store for her.

For that matter little does Felix know what Miranda know what she has in store for him.

And now an excerpt....

The bag over his head took him by surprise. Before he had time to react his arms were bound to his side, and then someone kicked his feet from under him. In his soft house shoes he was powerless to kick out and injure. He did his best to relax to cushion his fall. The last thought he had was he hoped to hell he didn’t topple down the stairs.

He didn’t. Before he hit the floor, strong arms held him horizontal, something rough—rope he surmised—was wrapped around his ankles. How he wished he had his top boots on, it would have been so much harder for him to be secured. Resigned for the moment, he assumed he was carried along the corridor. Even though he knew the house as well as his own, unsighted, and with his hearing muted, he was hard pressed to tell just where they were.

Ever the fatalist, he mentally shrugged and awaited his fate, whatever it might be. It seemed someone was having a laugh at his expense.

Kidnap? Unlikely in this house. Mistaken identity? Also unlikely. Her? He thought of the tormentor of his dreams. Surely not. She is not capable of executing such a thing.

Several minutes later he wasn’t quite so insouciant about everything. He was still being carried. They had, as far as he could tell under the circumstances, descended a long flight of stairs and ascended a shorter one, entered and also exited several rooms. Sometimes the footsteps of whoever carried him sounded heavy and hollow, at other times he heard nothing at all. Without reverberations, he assumed that sometimes they moved over carpeted floor and others bare boards. It was no help. His host’s house was old and had a mish mash of floors and coverings in no particular order. They could be going around in circles for all he knew.

His captor, he decided that was the best name applicable, halted and through the fusty material that enveloped him, Felix heard several faint door hinge squeaks and dull thuds. The dust and fibers over his face made breathing ever more difficult, and his mouth was dry. If I’m not released soon, I won’t have to worry about my knotty problems. I’ll be deceased and Soutar can deal with the lot of them.

That morbid thought didn’t sit well with him. Instead he began to get annoyed. Whatever was happening had been going on far too long, and it was no longer a joke. As his captor paused once more Felix kicked out. The curse he heard was loud enough to cut through his covering like a knife through butter, and it was good old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon. The jarring went up his leg, travelled through his body, and made his teeth rattle.

“Give over, you’ll get hurt.”

Felix wondered if he recognized the voice, and decided he didn’t care. If it was who he thought it was, he deserved the kick for his roughness. If it wasn’t, he deserved the kick anyway. He struck out again and to his delight his bound feet connected with a body. He could only hope he’d got him in the bollocks.

“I warned you.” The thump to his head was worthy of any devotee of Jackson’s Boxing salon.

Bugger, that wasn’t in the plan. It was Felix’s last thought before he saw stars and then nothing else.

*** ***** ***

I hope that's intrigued you. Miranda and Felix's story is available from

Breathless Press

All Romance Ebooks

To check me out …

Happy Reading,

Love R x

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today Ivy Reveiws Her Goals and Pipe Dreams

Hello my dear Sweet Bees!!

I don't know about you, but I can't believe we are almost halfway through February. More than that though, I can't believe it's almost been a year since I turned the big 4 - 0 and wrote this post.

In case you didn't read it or don't have time to go read it now, I'll give you the short version. It was a post outlining my goals for the year and each goal had three parts, these being: Realistic Goal, Pipe Dream and EXTRA BIG PIPE DREAM.

I set myself five fairly realistic goals for my year of being 40 and now here we are, two days before my 41st birthday and I thought I'd review the list publicly, outlining in full blazing glory what I have and have not accomplished (in regards to the list) in the last 365-ish days. Before we begin, I might as well burst any expectation bubbles and tell you right up front that  I achieved none of the Pipe Dreams or EXTRA BIG PIPE DREAM goals. That doesn't mean I never will, it means it just didn't happen in the last year.

Are you ready? Ok, let's go!

Sorry, Will. I'll try harder.
My first goal, Regarding Play Writing, was not a total write off. I had hoped to write a play or get one
I've already written published, just never happened. I did however, and this is the "I sort of accomplished my goal" part, help write a play for a kids acting workshop and that was a lot of fun.

This year, this year I WILL get a play written and send it and the one I meant to send out last year to play publishing companies and see what happens. Stay tuned!

My second goal, Regarding Novel Writing was successful, but not in the way I planned. I'd planned on finishing a NanoWrimo novel from 2012 never happened. Truth be told, I just lost interest. I may look back at it another time.

The Winner: Christmas Eve Surprise!
However, I unexpectedly wrote a fourth eBook for Breathless Press for the Christmas season. It was Christmas Eve Surprise which recently, happily and unexpectedly won a Breathless Press Best of 2013 Award for Erotika. Now, what's up for this year? Who knows. I've been seriously thinking about writing a sequel to Between the Lines, but I've been thinking of that for a while and can't quite figure out where to take it.

Whatever I decide to do, I'd have to say that my second goal for 2013 was successfully met.

Thanks for the inspiration Double Phil.
My third goal, Regarding Music was...well...I'd set a goal of writing five songs and I was sort of successful. I'm a huge fan of the parody genre and occasionally like to bust out my own. In 2013 I wrote 3 parody songs: 2 of them about Doctor Who and another about Meme's. So while I didn't write the music, I did write the lyrics, play them on guitar and film myself, on purpose, singing them. And while 3 is not 5 it's better than 0.

However, I did write one song, music and all, for a project for a job I know longer work at and made three cover recordings, just for kicks. So while, like my writing one, this wasn't EXACTLY what I set out to do, I had fairly musical year of 40 and therefore consider goal number three successfully met. 

Hats off to Ivy? Why thank-you, Ben! (not my photo!)
 My fourth goal, Regarding Chat Shows. Let us all enjoy a hardy guffaw at this one. The only thing I did regarding chat shows was to watch a lot of them on You Tube and become more desperate to make an appearance on Graham Norton's chat show couch. And even thought this really doesn't belong, if I'm honest with myself, in the "Realistic Goal Category" I'll keep it there because I have high hopes. As a side note, last year my EXTRA BIG PIPE DREAM was to be on a chat show with David Tennant. Things change, new discoveries are made and since my life has recently been taken over by the marvelous show Sherlock, I would like to keep David, but add Benedict Cumberbatch to the line up the night I'm on. That would are no words.There a lot of dirty pictures in my head, but I'm going to keep those to myself.

Ivy is a bit dramatic.
My fifth goal, Regarding Performances is a goal that keeps on...goaling? Hmmm...I hear the sirens of the grammar police. Anyway, in my post last year I said that I would keep acting on stage until people got tired of watching me. Well, thankfully that hasn't happened yet and I'm still performing. Last year I did a very wee part in one play and performed a monologue for some tourists ( I was asked to. I didn't just burst into a speech about being a midwife in front of a crowd of unsuspecting strangers). I also took an acting class and did a short scene with a group of lovely ladies. One of these lovely ladies was a dear friend of mine and unfortunately she passed away in October. I know now that I will never get on stage again without thinking of her. She was wonderful to work with and I really miss her.

This year, performance wise, is off to a busy start. When Spring, well...springs I will be in a play where I have two small parts and a couple weeks later, I'll be in another. I love acting so much that no matter how hard I try to put my emotional connection to the stage into words, they never quite grasp the full extent of my feelings.

Ivy has a silly side.
But I digress. In regards to this goal, I think I can safely say that this it was successful met and hopefully will continue to be. I need to act and will always find a way to be in a situation where strangers are forced to watch me pretend to be someone else.

Without getting into the nitty gritty of my personal life, last year was quite rough at times, but I got through it. What is in store for my family and I this year is something wholly new to us and will be extremely difficult. I'm not sure how we're going to be next year at this time, but let me say this: Being creative keeps me going. It keeps the demons from becoming too dark and unmanagable. If I didn't have these goals or Ivy, if I didn't have the incredible support of my friends (both online and off) and my family for all I do off and on stage and if they weren't there through the easy and difficult times in my life, I don't know how I'd survive.

Here's to a year full of beauty and challenges.

Here's to being creative.

Here's to you.



Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's a "Breathless" Saturday!

Hello Sweet Bees

This will be very quick. I'm up early as I have to work and really had no intention of throwing up a blog post before I headed out the door into the chilly day!

But, I have news! My publisher, Breathless Press, is having a contest for it's 2013 releases and my holiday tale "Christmas Eve Surprise" has been nominated in the Erotika category! Yea!! So, if you're a fan, a vote would be much's the link to the blog. The contest is on the right hand side.

And now I must dash! 

A big thank-you to Breathless Press for this nomination! 

Happy Saturday, Sweet Bees!



Sunday, January 19, 2014

A new look, a new book trailer: Welcome to the updated Ivy Bateman

Hello and Happy Belated New Year.

It's been over 2 years since I've created this Ivy B blog and I thought I'd change it up a bit. I wish however, that Blogger had a way of keeping the old posts in the old font so that you really knew if there was a change.

Anyway, this year I'm honestly not sure how much Ivy B writing will be written. Oh, there will be the occasion Ivy post on here, so please don't run away, but I, the girl behind Ivy, is feeling the need to do something else for a while and under my own name.

In the meantime, if you haven't already picked up any or all of my four published works, I'm hoping this book trailer will be a bit of nudge in that direction.

Perhaps it's egotistical of me to point out that it's actually me performing the Norah Jones cover that goes along with this book trailer, but I worked hard on it so I feel the need to say "Hey! That's me!" Of course, if you think my voice is awful, than pointing it out could be a mistake...

C'est la vie I suppose.

Happy Sunday,

Ivy B

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ivy B Hanging out with Mary Corrales

Hello Sweet Bees

It's Saturday...the first day of winter and the day after the release of Christmas Eve Surprise. I guess only time will tell if it's a book people enjoy or not. I try not to worry once I put it out there. It's almost like it's not really mine anymore...if that makes any sense.

But what is mine today is a blog date with Mary Corrales! I'm happy to say that this lovely lady is another incredibly supportive person whom I met through blogging. She's not only there when I need writing advice, or a blog to borrow for a promo post (like today for instance), but she's there for me as a good friend and I'm very lucky to have her in my life.

Now, please, hop on over to

My post today is about the importance of communicating with your partner. Stella and Tim, the lead characters in Christmas Eve Surprise, have stopped communicating quite the way they should and it's what leads to the big surprise on Christmas Eve.

I've got one more promo date before Christmas so be sure to come back then to find out where I am.

Until next time,

Ivy B looking forward to celebrating Christmas.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Ivy B Giving You a Christmas Eve Surprise and More!

Hello Sweet Bees!!

It's here! The day has finally arrived! December, 20/2013! It's release day for...

Christmas Eve Surprise!! 

If you leave a comment on today's post (with your email address) and either join my blog, follow me on twitter or like me on facebook, (if you already haven't I mean) I'll enter your name in a draw for a free copy of Christmas Eve Surprise. I'll announce the winner on Ivy B on Sunday.

So, I'm on four different blogs today, not including my own, promoting the heck out of this heart warming Christmas story about a happily married couple named Stella and Tim. I had so much fun writing this tale and I have my husband to thank for the seed of inspiration. 

Ok, so that's all for me on Ivy B today. I'd like to turn your attention to please to the links below...

Linda Kage's Blog Page 
Katie Babbles 

All of these wonderful blogs are generously hosting me on release day and I can't thank them enough.  

A big thank-you again to all those of you who have hosted me (and will be doing so in the next day or so) and to those who helped get this story from Breathless Press published.  I am  incredibly happy.

Until Saturday, 

Ivy B smiling from ear to ear with pride and Christmas Eve Surprise Cheer!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ivy B Hosting Sheri Velarde/Kelly Ryan and her Not So Silent Night

Hello my dear Sweet Bees and welcome to Thursday!!

Before I introduce my guest for today, I've a wee bit of Ivy news for you first. Tomorrow is release day for Christmas Eve Surprise and remember, if you stop by and comment (with your email) and join me on twitter or join  my blog or like me on facebook, I'll enter your name in a draw for your very own digital copy of Christmas Eve Surprise!

Also, today, and for the next week, my Christmas story from last year, Baby, You're Cold Inside, goes on sale as a Bargain Book on Breathless Press! It's only 99 Cents! That's practically giving it away! Yes, it's's a bit of a chilly tale for the Christmas Season, but you can always warm your soul later with Christmas Eve Surprise. It's all kinds of nice and funny too!

One more bit (yes, yes Sheri/Kelly! I'm almost done my shameless me, me,me, promo) after you've taken your time with my guest Sheri, please come on by

This piece was really interesting to write. It's called "Ivy Bateman's teenage garage sale!". It's a post about various items from my teenage years that you may find for sale if I was to say, have a garage sale. It was a lovely, and slightly painful, trip down memory lane.

And now...without further ramblings from me, please let me introduce my charming and, I'm sorry to say, evil guest for today. Look...I'm just telling you like it is, Sheri took a "What Lord of the Rings Character Are You?" test and it turns out she's Sauron. That's pretty much as evil as you can get. Now, she's been nothing but nice to me so don't let that result scare you...I only told your to warn you.

Sheri Velarde, AKA Kelly Ryan,  is here today today to chat about Not So Silent Night. It's coming to you tomorrow from Breathless Press! Please glue your eyes to the screen and give a long, warm gaze at Sheri Velarde!


I'd like to thank Ivy for having me over and letting me talk to you all a little about my new release, Not So Silent Night, and Christmas time in general. I'll try to keep it short, as I know that it is the time of year that people are busy with family, friends and various festivities.

When I think of Christmas I think of gathering with friends and family. I put friends first, because there have been times in my life when family is not around and the family that you choose, aka friends, have made all the difference in my holiday celebrations. Not everyone is around their family at this time of year, due to distance or other circumstances. Some people have no family left and the holidays can seem like a chore for them.

That is the point my heroine Anna is at in Not So Silent Night. She is alone and the very thought of the holidays makes me ill. She has her best friends who never let her wallow in too much self pity, forcing her to be part of their family and celebrations, but it is not until she meets the sexy and otherworldly Russian, Alexander, that she truly begins to feel the spirit. She learns that Christmas is what you make of it, that you can build a family with those you love and if you are willing to open up and enjoy the season, you can. I think that is a lesson that everyone can take to heart at this time of year.

Christmas time can be stressful or lonely, but taking it back to the heart of the matter, celebrating the time and togetherness with those you love can make it all the more enjoyable. Spending time with those who love you can help you get through anything and usually have a good time doing it. That is what Anna learned and I hope that others out there experience the same thing.


Blurb for Not So Silent Night

Anna is a lonely woman, running her dead grandmother's flower shop. She hates Christmas and could not feel more lost when a handsome and mysterious Russian, Alexander, walks into her shop and her life. Each has secrets and magic they are harboring. Just as their passion erupts, the good old boys in town threaten to ruin everything. Getting to know each other is tough for most couples, but with a pack of werewolves out to destroy them, things become intense. They find themselves in a fight for their lives. Can their newfound love give them the strength to win against this threat and trust in the future?


Excerpt from Not So Silent Night

 "So you just got the quick sketch of my life, so perhaps I can ask where you are from. I love your accent."

"Russia. I grew up right outside of Moscow."

"Russia? Wow! What brings you to small town Vermont? Other than the snow, I can't imagine we are anything like Moscow," Anna said in true wonderment.

"My family came to visit and we wanted to go somewhere quiet. I live in Washington, D.C. now. Here seemed like a good spot for a vacation. And I must say I am glad we picked this town on a whim." Alexander moved even closer to her, close enough they were almost touching and he could gently stroke her hair, sending a visible shiver
down her back. "I am not making you uncomfortable, am I?"

Anna swallowed. "No, uncomfortable is not exactly the word for what you are making me feel." She turned around so she stared up into Alexander's deep blue eyes. They were close enough for her to kiss his full lips and she found herself wanting to very much.

"You are a very beautiful woman, Anna." Alexander stepped even closer so their bodies touched. Anna immediately felt heat rush all through her body from only a little contact. She felt her own blue eyes widen in anticipation.

"Thank you," Anna murmured, feeling a blush spread across her face, so evident on her pale skin. "So are you... I mean, you are very attractive too."

Alexander smiled and leaned down so his lips almost touched hers. "I am going to kiss you now, Anna, unless you tell me not to."

"Umm, okay." Anna's breath grew heavier as Alexander brought his lips to meet hers.

Links to all things Sheri!


Thank-you to Sheri for stopping by Ivy B today! I wish you all the best with Not So Silent Night.

Until tomorrow, 

Ivy B hoping that like Sheri, you've found the heart of your Christmas Season.